Open Appeal for Publication Sponsorship

When I began this project in 2009, my objective was to collect 200 photographs of Bandung's street lives within one year and to publish them in a book in 2010 as a gift to Bandung's 200th Anniversary.

Unfortunately, when the deadline arrived, I still fell short of collecting the number of photographs that I had aimed to reach. At that time I also felt that the breadth and variety of subjects captured in my photographs was not rich enough to reflect the living complexity of the city that I had wanted to depict in the project. It was then that I made the decision to extend the time and change part of the initial objective. From then on, the project was not about presenting 200 photographs for Bandung's 200th Anniversary (which I felt a bit limiting), but depict the living aspects of the city as seen and experienced on its streets through the variety of subjects that could represent them.

Although the number of photographs is not currently a focus of the project, the subject's breadth and variety will remain important if not the most important part of its objective. I will try to the best of my ability and with whatever resources I can afford to capture the variety of subjects that I consider representative of the complexity of the city's life.

The other part of the objective, i.e. to publish these works in the form of a book, will remain paramount to the project. However, considering the required expertise and costs of such an undertaking -- which unfortunately I cannot currently afford with my own resources -- I would probably have to postpone it indefinitely until I can afford it or find a sponsor who is interested in the project and would like to provide the support I need in terms of expertise and funding to realise it.

With that in mind, I herewith would like to make an open appeal for publication sponsorship. I am willing to negotiate the terms and conditions of such a sponsorship provided that they do not alter the focus and objective of the project.

Sincere regards,

Eki Akhwan

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