Saturday, August 7, 2010

infants' conversation

Combining the words infants and conversation is somewhat oxymoronic. Should you not know, the word infant is derived from the Latin word infans, which means "unable to speak or speechless". Thus, how can somebody who is unable to speak have a conversation with an interlocutor who is similarly speechless? Yet, babies do talk with one another. Their language may not be as verbal as that of the adults, but it is nonetheless communicative, perhaps even more communicative than that of the adults. See the picture?


  1. I guess it is the purety of their heart, their emotions and knowledge of only good things, that allow them to exchange thoughts upon a much higher level than us adults - thank you for this hope providing picture.

  2. haha, i totally understand what you mean. ^0^
    kids do have a funny way when they talk to each other.

    gr8 foto!