Tuesday, February 2, 2010

jalan purnawarman

I have previously raved about pedestrians having no rights in this city. And I didn't mean it as an overstatement.

In a lot of places in this city, there are either no sidewalks or the existing sidewalks have been invaded by street vendors and/or other usages.

Jalan Purnawarman (Purnawarman Street) - a busy commercial area featured in these pictures - is just another example. Bandung is generally not a walkable city, except for the brave citizens who have been so used to it and/or those adventurous souls who are willing to risk their lives on the streets.

Sadly, the city's government has never done anything consistent about this problem.


  1. I'm so sad to find out that my street (or the street under my name) has turned this bad (or worse). It is worse now than when I left back then. Thanks for the updates though.

  2. this blog is REAL! showing the real face of our city.. i just don't understand what's on our mayer head... big potato!