Sunday, February 21, 2010

"viking bonex"

Viking is the name of PERSIB (Bandung Soccer Association) supporters club. Bonex (also Bonek), which stands for bondo nekat (have nothing to lose), is the name of PERSEBAYA (Surabaya Soccer Association) supporters club.

The latter is notoriously known for being ruthless hooligans. I'm not sure if the former is any better. Its members are known to be destructive too in many occasions.

Those riding on the train roof are Vikings on their way to PERSIB's home game against PERSISAM (Samarinda Soccer Association) yesterday.

This post is linked to Monochrome Weekly. Please check other participants' photos there.


  1. Crazy - how many fall off?

  2. People do some strange things in the name of sport! A telling photograph.

  3. I agree with Aileni about crazy. Your street photography is absolutely first rate as is your mastery of B&W.