Thursday, January 21, 2010

down time

These vendors are resting in between the train cars at Padalarang train station in the west of Bandung. They will get on board when the trains are ready to move.

On board vendors sell different kinds of things: foods, fruits, snacks and beverages, utensils, stationaries, books, newspapers and magazines. The economy class and commuter trains are in fact a veritable mobile market. For some they are a convenience, for others a nuisance.


  1. Dear Eki, very goo dof you to visit my site. And what a Great Blog you have, I need to spend more time beowsing but I love this picture! I wonder what its like to Street Photograph in Indonesia!!?? A musican once said: The modern day composer refuse to die! I now say: the present day street photographers refuse to die! look forward to your pictures... keep on taking!

  2. I agree with Johnny, you have a very appealing site. Interesting to see street photography of Indonesia.

    Very good perspective and pov on this one. The nuisance verses benefit dilemma is the same here in Mexico as far as the subway system goes. The economic situation is such that people have to resort to selling on the Metro to make ends meet. They are barely at subsistence level, yet the law is continually after them or abusing them taking bribes to allow them to work.