Sunday, January 24, 2010

in good use

This pedestrian crossing bridge connecting Jalan Stasiun Timur and Jalan Kebon Jukut streets is quite probably the most well-used crossing bridge in the entire city.

The secret?

It significantly shorten the distance between the points that it connects. And underneath it is a fenced double track railways.

Most other pedestrian crossing bridges in the city are just useless accessories that often become a sore to the eyes as most pedestrians prefer to jaywalk than use it. The streets in this city are generally just not too wide that using a crossing bridge takes more time and energy. As you will see in many other photos here, safety and orderliness are not generally in the minds of most of this city's citizens. Convenience is. Unfortunately, they don't always go together well.

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  1. well, most of the bridges created for billboard anyway.. LOL