Wednesday, January 27, 2010


An old passanger of the KRD commuter train sitting by the open door and looking out at the passing scene.

The KRD can probably be described as a "pariah" train. Crowded, dirty, smelly and heavily populated by panhandlers, this train is nevertheless a popular mode of transportation among the masses because it is very cheap and because there aren't many other better and economical options available. One only needs to pay IDR 1000 (about USD 10 cents), for example, to travel between the satellite town of Padalarang (18 kilometers to the west of Bandung) and the city.

Like all other Indonesian cities, Bandung currently still does not have a working mass transportation system.


  1. Sedih lihat foto ini...
    But, it's a nice picture anyway..

  2. good capture.
    your pictures are great!
    greeting from Poland

  3. menyedihkan.... malu bangsa kita disejajarkan ma usa, jpng, jerman, autralia..

    bangsa kita mah sejajar dgn bangladesh, myanmar, kamboja, libia, sudan, ektopia.

    strata masy. kita tidak merata. yg kaya yg miskin yg bodo ma yg pinter nya JELAS terlihat.